HVAC Maintenance

Why Routine HVAC Maintenance is So Critical for Homeowners

November 1, 2020

Montana’s extreme weather includes hot summers and cold, snowy winters. You’ll rely on your HVAC system for consistent indoor comfort all year. In order for your HVAC system to effectively and efficiently operate, it needs regular maintenance. Read on for more information on why routine HVAC maintenance is critical in Big Sky, Montana.

Improve Efficiency

Properly maintained HVAC systems use less energy for heating and cooling. They don’t have to cycle as frequently, so there’s less wear and tear on critical parts. Routine maintenance improves HVAC efficiency by up to 20%.

Reduce Emergency Repairs

Proper maintenance lowers the risk of an HVAC system malfunction during the coldest winter nights and hottest summer days. Our maintenance checks include inspecting for signs of damaged or loose parts. Keeping the system clean also decreases the chances of a part failure that disrupts its functioning.

Extend System Lifespan

A well-maintained HVAC system experiences less wear and tear. Proper maintenance also improves the system’s effectiveness at heating and cooling throughout its lifespan. Considering the cost of installing a new HVAC system, it makes financial sense to keep your current equipment operational for as long as possible.

Lower Utility Bills

An efficient HVAC system costs less to operate. Clean coils and filters facilitate airflow and heat exchange, allowing the system to heat or cool your home in fewer cycles. Annual heating and cooling tuneups could save you hundreds of dollars every year.

Maintain Warranty

Most heating and cooling system manufacturers provide a five- to 10-year warranty on parts. In order to maintain the warranty, you need to keep up with routine maintenance. Parts under warranty can be fixed or replaced at no cost, saving you money.

Keeping up with routine HVAC maintenance is a small investment with big returns on your comfort, health and well-being. It’s also a cost-effective solution for lowering your monthly utility bills and extending the system’s lifespan. For more information or to schedule an HVAC tuneup, call Comfort Systems of Montana today.

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