Hello Michael-

I work for JLF Architects and we use your company for our HVAC maintenance. I just wanted to give you some feedback on one of your staff, Matt Boston. He has been a pleasure to work with and, unlike so many other vendors we deal with, I can always count on him to come through. He doesn’t drop the ball and always provides excellent customer service. I have to babysit so many other subcontractors but I never have to do that with Matt. Just thought you should know….thanks.

Tony P.

Dear Michael,

My husband and I want to thank you and your employees for excellent work and for the quality air conditioning system that was installed in our house. As you know, it was a very difficult job, but Dustin and his team met the challenges and exceeded our expectations. The first day that Dustin and Jeremy worked, the attic temperature was 140 degrees. The attic temperature was 130 degrees the second day when Dustin worked with his team—Jason, Ben, and Carlos. Dustin and Ben worked the third day with the attic temperature at 115 degrees. Despite the intense heat, they worked consistently and were always so pleasant, real gentlemen. On the second day of work, my sister, who was visiting, mowed our lawn with our John Deere mower and so was outside for a very long time. She told me that even when an employee was getting supplies from the company truck, he ran to the truck and ran back to the house. No time was wasted. The young men worked incredibly hard.

We also want to give added praise to Dustin, the lead. As we all know, a leader needs to be highly professional and competent, the hardest worker, and must genuinely respect each and every member of his team which then creates a work environment of shared hard work, respect, and collegiality. In addition to leading in the installation of the air conditioning system, Dustin even led on clean-up. After each day, Dustin was part of the clean-up, for example, wiping down the stairs. At the end of each work day, our house was left in perfect condition.

Michael, you said that you would install our air conditioning system before all our guests arrived on July 29, and you and your employees completed the job on time. It is so pleasant to be in our house now with the air conditioning system. We wrote a five star recommendation on your web site and also this letter to let you know that you, your employees, and your company are outstanding.

Thank you again!

Catherine L.