Custom Ductwork Fabrication – Residential and Commercial

Custom Duct Fabrication

HVAC custom duct fabrication has advanced to new efficiency and costs savings levels. Comfort Systems of Montana specializes in duct fabrication in addition to our quality heating and cooling services, setting us apart from other HVAC contractors in Bozeman, MT, and the surrounding areas.

We provide custom ductwork to fit residential and commercial (new and existing) forced air heating and cooling systems. We have a fully equipped, onsite fabrication shop with everything needed to produce your custom ducting under one roof, saving you time and offering a better installation. We work with HVAC contractors and home and business owners, providing fast turnaround times.  

Many of the new construction homes in Bozeman, MT, and the surrounding areas call for special size ductwork and fittings for their unique floor plans. Instead of attempting to use one-size-fits-all materials in buildings with widely varying construction styles, smart home and business owners can commission customized ducting. Comfort Systems of Montana can accommodate these special requirements.  

Our total commitment to customer service has generated long-standing relationships with our customers, who rely on our experience and expertise in ducting fabrication. That’s because they know we’ll get the job done and get it done right.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

The comfort inside any indoor space depends on the sheet metal air ducts placed inside the HVAC system. Sheet metal components are easy to install and can provide strength, durability, and energy efficiency. Most of the HVAC systems installed by contractors, including the other parts and ductwork, are commonly made from either galvanized steel or aluminum.

Whether establishing new structures, remodeling or installing, sheet metal fabrication allows for a complete and customized HVAC system. With customization, two significant advantages include fewer errors and less waste elimination, making the systems more efficient and a money-saver.

Our State-of-the-Art Machinery Does the Fabricating

HVAC duct fabrication involves precision cutting and bending sheet metal into desired shapes. The manufactured pieces must fit tightly, and all grooves and openings must be aligned. Sheet metal, the raw material for rigid ducting, can be cut and shaped by hand, but this is a painstaking task.

Our precision, automated machines do the cutting, folding, and grooving to create all the components needed to assemble a new ducting network and can be adjusted to create ducting in custom sizes. We use a plasma cutting machine for the special cuts needed to form complicated ductwork and an auto folding machine to bend sheet metal into shapes.

We pay close attention to client design specifications and provide precision measurements throughout fabrication. Of course, even the most advanced machine requires a skilled operator to produce the necessary parts. When crafting HVAC ducts, the person responsible must be an expert in sheet metal fabrication and building ventilation.  

Our craftsmen have extensive experience reading blueprints, designing ductwork for buildings, and working with the cutting and pressing of sheet metal. 

Quality You Can Trust

Founded in 1999, our company is committed to ensuring the quality of our products and processes. Our quality assurance focuses on preventing issues during manufacturing operations, detecting pain points, and implementing solutions. Our ducting fabrication provides a tighter fit resistant to leaks, resulting in more efficient airflow, reduced energy consumption, and lower energy bills.

Comfort Systems of Montana

You can rely on Comfort Systems of Montana for fair prices and unrivaled customer service. Call our professional team today to learn more about our full ducting fabrication capabilities and request a free estimate. We appreciate your business and the opportunity to serve your needs!


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