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Did you know the air you inhale inside your home can be more harmful to your health than the air outside? That’s why you must take steps to filter the air inside your home and make it as clean as possible. At Comfort Systems of Montana, we offer all the indoor air quality systems and services you need to take complete control of your home’s air quality. We can help you breathe easier, sleep better and lead a healthier life at home.

Residential and Commercial IAQ Inspections and Duct Cleaning

What you can’t see can’t hurt you, right? Wrong. The fact is that there are millions of particles floating around you at any given moment. But you’ll never know what they are unless you schedule an indoor air quality inspection. Our service technicians can pinpoint which particles are polluting your home or business’s air supply and come up with a plan to resolve the issue. We have the devices that can help you breathe cleaner air in no time.

Offering the Most Effective Indoor Air Quality Products Available

One of the easiest ways to maintain good indoor air quality involves changing your HVAC system’s filter every month. It’s an easy task that can help your system function more efficiently and prevent particle pollutants from recirculating in your home’s air supply. But your HVAC system’s filter can only do so much. You also need to balance your home’s humidity, eliminate bacteria and refresh the air supply. Considering these devices:

  • Humidifiers add moisture to air that’s too dry.
  • Air purifiers eliminate the smallest of particle pollutants.
  • Energy recovery ventilators exhaust stale air and replace it with fresh air.
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Trust Comfort Systems of Montana to Clean Your Air

Customers choose our team to improve their home’s air quality because:

  • We are a family-owned and operated business.
  • We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction from start to finish.
  • We are a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer.
  • We offer flat-rate prices for our systems and services.
  • We have a high customer and employee retention rate.
  • We care about our customers and their comfort.

To learn more about how humidifiers and air purifiers can improve your indoor air quality, contact Comfort Systems of Montana today. We’re happy to help home and business owners in Big Sky, Bozeman, Livingston and the surrounding area.

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